Welcome to Gardenville

You stumble upon a cutest garden you have ever seen. Unfortunately it has been abandoned many years ago or so you think. You see, as you watch carefully you notice small movement under the flowerbeds and wildened grass. Small animal families have moved to the garden and now every abandoned tool and object (watercan, boot, clock.. etc...) is a home of a different family. Welcome to Gardenville! These are Teeny Weeny Families!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Family Hoppit

Before Family Hoppit (Rabbits)came to the Gardenville, they had a small cafe in countryside, in a peaceful rabbit community. But one day the peace was broken and big noisy contruction tractors came to build new houses. So Family Hoppit had to flee and after a many days of travel they finally found a toolshed which contained their new home. The forgotten teapot which they transfered into a Hippity Hop Cafe. Come and enjoy a cup of a tea and a piece of a cake.

Father Hoppit opened the first Hippity Hop Cafe together with Mother Hoppit many years ago into the oak tree. Father is a hardworking and an honest. He loves telling funny stories to the customers even if they don't wanna hear them.

Mother Hoppit has three children including baby Sally. She works with his husband in the Cafe while Granny Hoppit takes care of the children.

Granny Hoppit is always cheerful. She takes care of the children, twins and the baby Sally. She also looks after Emily Hoppit who is twins' cousin. Her parents have passed away so she lives with the Hoppit family.

Uncle Floppy is called Floppy because his ear is so lazy that it doesn't ever stand up. He is suppose to help others in the Cafe but he thinks adventures with Holly and Harry are more interesting.

Aunt Jenny is the hardest working one. She cooks, cleans and does the dishes. Mother Hoppit wouldn't survive without her. She also has a coffeepot with her so you know you'll get a refill if you ask her.

Baby Sally is the latest add to the family. She is such a pickle. Now that she knows how to get of her seat, she keeps creating dangerous situations as she growls on the Cafe's floors.

Twins, Harry & Holly, are adventurous. They are at the school during days but when their mother's eyes aren't looking, they run of to the secret garden for the next adventure.

Emily Hoppit spends most of her days with Tara Purbrighton as they get rides from Major. She is a cousin for twins, a year younger than them so they don't really take her with them to the adventures. She lives with Hoppit Family because her own parents have passed away.

Claudia Hoppit is Mother Hoppit's sister. She has always loved pretty clothes and now she works as a model in the Camera. She loves the mall so you can see her in the Vanity Box shopping with the other models. Sometimes she comes to visit the Hoppit Family to remember the old times and meet the kids.
From left to right: Claudia, Granny, Holly (yellow dress), Uncle Floppy, Aunt Jenny, baby Sally, Harry, Father Hoppit, Emily and Mother Hoppit

Emily Hoppit and Claudia Hoppit comes with a totally different playsets.. Emily comes with the Major (the school bus-playset) and Claudia with the Camera-playset. I will only list here the playsets that only contain Hoppit family members. The lists may be wrong, but you get the idea...

Teapot-playset comes with figures and accessories listed below:
  • Father Hoppit
  • Mother Hoppit
  • 2 white chairs
  • White table
  • Cookies on a plate
  • Teapot/mugs on a plate
  • White ladders
  • Hippity Hop Cafe -sign
  • Granny Hoppit
  • Baby Sally
  • Baby seat
  • Spoon
  • Tv (?)
  • Uncle Floppy
  • Aunt Jenny
  • Harry
  • Holly
  • Coffee pot
  • Blue bike
  • Swing
I'll note my missing pieces with red.

Like you can see, there are a lot of members in this family... Teapot was one of my first purchases but the rest of the family came a little later... I have always imagined the twins to be a little bit snob, they don't like Emily for example and like to play together or with the mouse twins from the Grand Hotel. I don't remember when I bought the rest of the playsets to complete this and my memory is a bit blurry where the Aunt Jenny came but I imagine that it was in the same pack as Uncle Floppy. I was a bit bummed to find out that there was a second edition of the playset that I got, that's why the swing is red. Mine didn't contain the swing, only the figures and the bike. Anyway. I like the teapot itself, it's easy to decorate. I will re-take most of the pictures when I have a better lighting and place to shoot. I'm not happy with the pictures but they'll do for now.